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Funded by the european territorial cooperation programme
Greece - Italy 2007-2013

The first results of the NO BARRIER Project can be seen at Pane&Pomodoro public beach of the Municipality of Bari.

The place chosen by the Municipality of Bari for interventions planned in the NO BARRIER Project is "PANE E POMODORO" public beach, located near the city centre. It is the most popular beach among the inhabitants of Bari, who, during the whole year, surrender themselves to moments of relax and short breaks, together with family and friends.

Thanks to the NO BARRIER project, a gangway made of cement sheets has been built, through which motor disabled people may access the sea, avoiding the problem of passing through the beach.

A little rest area has also been created close to the sea, where motor disabled bathers, and their carers, can enjoy the sun and breath the sea air a few metres away from the water.

Finally, a changing room has been built, whose dimensions make the access possible for disabled people with aids.

This changing room also contains some specific equipment for bathing, such as JOB chairs and Solemare chairs, on board which disabled people can stroll over the sand or in the water.

Also in the coastal area of the Municipality of Nardò the results of the NO BARRIER project can be seen.

Under the NO BARRIER project, the Municipality of Nardò has built twoo gangways that make the access to the sea for motor disabled people easier.

These tools, made with wood, enable motor disabled people to get into the water easily and give everyone the possibility to bathe in the marvellous waters of this coastal area of Salento.

Gangways have been placed close to the most crowded points, so that the highest number of people may benefit from this important service. The places where the works of the NO BARRIER project have been carried out are: Lido dell'Ancora beach, Lido Frascone beach.

Other interventions of the NO BARRIER project are about to be made in the Municipality of Nardò.

Under the NO BARRIER project, some structural interventions will start soon, with the aim to remove old paths inside the Palude del Capitano protected area (inside the Regional Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio) and subsequently make a new path that may be used also by disabled people.

In a nutshell, the intervention consists in the following actions:

  • Total removal of existing paths crossing the wetland, of great naturalistic interest;
  • Creation of a new path in a suitable area and recycling of all the inert waste resulting from the paving of removed paths;
  • Supply and installation of information panels in Italian and braille;
  • Purchase of equipment for the observation and listening of avifauna

These interventions will further increase the use of the natural and coastal area by people suffering not only from motor but also visual and sensory disability.