THE PROJECT N.O. BARRIER, funded within the ETCP Programme Greece – Italy 2007 - 2013 Axis III Measure 3.3, has been created with the overall objective to increase accessible tourism in the involved territories

More specifically, the project N.O. BARRIER is aimed at implementing a consistent set of interventions to reduce barriers that do not allow disabled people to fully enjoy territories, by acting both on physical-material barriers and on intangible barriers, namely all cultural and social hurdles turning disabled people away from tourist fruition: information, communication, services, etc.

Such overall objective is intended to be achieved through the following specific objectives:

1. Implementing and promoting research/action interventions aimed at identifying and appraising national and international case histories and raising cultural-touristic operators' as well as local authorities' awareness as to the theme of accessibility;

2. Developing and experimenting methods and tools to “certify” and make accessible places recognizable and more visible by creating a system of attribution of “labels”, shared with associations of disabled people;

3. Proving that the removal of material and immaterial barriers is feasible and economically and socially cheap, as it is achieved through some structural interventions such as equipping a beach accessible, improving information services for disabled people, producing tools ("itineraries without barriers") and spreading them in order to promote accessible places;

4.  Creating a network of stable relationships between involved actors, with the aim to adopt methods and tools realized, by entering into follow-up agreements;

5. Accelerating the process of "deseasonalization of touristic flows" in the field of socio-cultural tourism in order to optimize resources, increase competitiveness and profitability and create substantial conditions for new opportunities for all, by arranging tourist packages.

6. It is evident that, through an innovative, multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach, the project tends to combine and involve the tourist and the social sectors in a close synergy, thus proposing an innovative view of economic development.

The project N.O. BARRIER has been identified as Best Practice for the innovative methodological approach conceived and used in the implementation phase.

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The Adriatic coast and its surroundings (BA) IT - EN - GR
The Aragonese route (BA) IT - EN - GR
Itria Valley (BA) IT - EN - GR
The gateway to the East: the upper Salento area, from Brindisi to Torre Guaceto (BR) IT - EN - GR
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From the Baroque to the "forest of Lecce" (LE) IT - EN - GR
Terra d'Otranto: eastwards, from Castro to Otranto (LE) IT - EN - GR
Ionian route: from the Beautiful City to the Messapian Ugento (LE) IT - EN - GR
Finibus Terrae: southwards, from the Village of Specchia to Leuca Cape (LE) IT - EN - GR
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