Metropolitan City of Bari

The Metropolitan City of Bari, that has taken over from the Province of Bari pursuant to Law n.56 of 7th April 2014, is a wide area local authority endowed with regulatory, administrative and financial autonomy, according to the principles established by the Constitution, by laws and by the Statute. The Metropolitan City represents the community and looks after its interests, promoting the social, cultural and economic development of its territory, in accordance with the principles of sustainability and environmental protection; it deems territorial diversity as a value to be used to set out wide area policies.

The Metropolitan City coordinates its activity with that of single or associated municipalities within its territory, in order to comply with the principle of subsidiarity and to achieve economies of scale in services management. It guarantees full and honest cooperation to territorial local authorities, to Regions and to the State.

In order to promote the highest cooperation with the Region and the Municipalities composing it, the Metropolitan City encourages proper forms of confrontation and consultation, including permanent ones. The Metropolitan City of Bari:

  • Pursues the objective of bringing its community to the highest levels of European urban civilization
  • Pursues the objective of functioning as a centre for connectivity, creativity and innovation at the service of the development of local communities of which it is composed
  • Bases its action on the improvement of citizens’, families’ and companies’ quality of life, implementing initiatives aimed at progressively reducing procedures, fulfilments, administrative burden and costs, also in terms of time, thus eliminating overlapping and redoubling. 
  • Pursues the harmonisation of rules, especially in relation to access to services, tax and pricing policies, production activities and territorial governing, with the aim to improve the relationship between public administration and citizens, according to the principles of equity, transparency and fairness.
  • Enhances the value of single specificities present in its territory, as it considers cultural pluralism expressed by individuals and communities as a driver for economic and social metropolitan development.
  • Aims at ensuring equal opportunities to all of its citizens in the pursuit of the highest levels of human personality development, starting from the exercise of the right to care and beauty.
  • Bases its action on the realization of integrated projects for the development and protection of its artistic, natural, archaeological and environmental heritage, by relying on the active role played by the metropolitan community and by promoting the implementation of effective participation practices.
  • Promotes the principle of participation of citizens and residents, both individually and in an associated form, and it ensures the highest transparency on its administrative activities.
  • Bases its action on the principles of impartiality, equity, effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, it acknowledges how fundamental is the safeguarding of users’ rights and interests carried out by consumer associations.  

The Metropolitan City of Bari guarantees the full respect of the rights and duties of citizens and of those living and working within its territory, irrespective of sex, ethnicity, religion, political opinions, sexual orientation, economic and social condition, drawing inspiration from the charter of fundamental rights of the European Union and from the Universal declaration of human rights of the United Nations. It promotes any initiative aimed at safeguarding and building peace between peoples.

Based on the state law, the area of the Metropolitan City of Bari coincides with that of the Municipalities it is composed of: Bari, Acquaviva delle Fonti, Adelfia, Alberobello, Altamura, Binetto, Bitetto, Bitonto, Bitritto, Capurso, Casamassima, Cassano delle Murge, Castellana Grotte, Cellamare, Conversano, Corato, Gioia del Colle, Giovinazzo, Gravina in Puglia, Grumo Appula, Locorotondo, Modugno, Mola di Bari, Molfetta, Monopoli, Noci, Noicattaro, Palo del Colle, Poggiorsini, Polignano a mare, Putignano, Rutigliano, Ruvo di Puglia, Sammichele di Bari, Sannicandro di Bari, Santeramo in Colle, Terlizzi, Toritto, Triggiano, Turi, Valenzano. The Metropolitan City has its head office in the Municipality of Bari. 

The tasks of the Metropolitan City of Bari within the N.O. BARRIER Project are:

  • management, coordination and general reporting on the project;
  • organization of kick-off meetings for project activities;
  • organization of partnership meetings;
  • communication plan implementation;
  • realization of a project manual;
  • publication of promotional material (project corporate identity, website, brochures, leaflets, flyers, rollups, folders, letter sheets and envelopes, notepads, business cards);
  • organization of seminars and study meetings on the project themes;
  • organization of an international conference on the project themes;
  • identification of sustainable itineraries in its national territory;
  • realization of a geo-referenced map of accessible itineraries, then put "online" on the web portal;
  • establishing of agreements and tourist packages for disabled people and their companions with tourist and social sector operators.

Project Manager

Isabella Carone
Administrative officer
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +39 080 5412234

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