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First notes on methodology of requirement Identification for “sustainable” routs and labels IT - EN - GR
Directives N.O. Barrier IT - EN
Documents of International Conference No Barrier - Bari 29.09.2015 IT / EN
Porto di Bari - Carta del Passeggero IT
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N.O. Barrier Events, 14 - 15 September IT - EN
Programma Eventi N.O. Barrier @ bari 14 - 15 Settembre IT
N.O. Barrier International Conference 29.09.15 EN
Cartella Stampa N.O. Barrier 25.09.2015 IT
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The city of Saint Nicholas (BA) IT - EN - GR
The Ravines and Altamura (BA) IT - EN - GR
The Adriatic coast and its surroundings (BA) IT - EN - GR
The Aragonese route (BA) IT - EN - GR
Itria Valley (BA) IT - EN - GR
The gateway to the East: the upper Salento area, from Brindisi to Torre Guaceto (BR) IT - EN - GR
Among the olive groves of the White City (BR) IT - EN - GR
From the Baroque to the "forest of Lecce" (LE) IT - EN - GR
Terra d'Otranto: eastwards, from Castro to Otranto (LE) IT - EN - GR
Ionian route: from the Beautiful City to the Messapian Ugento (LE) IT - EN - GR
Finibus Terrae: southwards, from the Village of Specchia to Leuca Cape (LE) IT - EN - GR
In close contact with nature: from the Nardò territory to Porto Cesareo (LE) IT - EN - GR
Discovering Olympia games (ILIA) IT - EN - GR
Metropolitan City of Bari, formerly Province of BariProvince of LecceMunicipality of BariMunicipality of NardòRegion of Western GreeceRegion of Ionian IslandsCIRPAS - University of Bari “Aldo Moro”IPRES - Apulian Institute for Economic and Social Research